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    False++++ Artemis!A4E0FAA6C4EC


      That's GameGuard.


      Please help asap. 

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          Since "nProtect-GameGuard" is effectively a "Rootkit" in itself. Could explain why it has been detected by McAfee. If you do a search on "Gameguard" and read the articles in the Wikipedia Link, it states that it can cause potentially unwanted issues on ones computer.


          I assume you may utilize it as a protection against "Cheating" while (Gaming). However it does stipulate quite clearly the adverse effects that can occur while using it....




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            Of course, in any programs, there will be risks.  However, if I wish to play this game, that's what they use.  If this is not resolved, I guess I will have to change anti-virus programs.  Other anti-virus programs do not block this at all.  Never had an issue with this until I switched to Mcafee.

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                              Please do not misconstrue my prior statements.I am in no way what-so-ever trying to be "Argumentative" All I am saying is, that the particular program (GameGuard) is basically a "Rootkit" in itself. As for any Highly regarded Anti-Virus-Security application such as McAfee. I can appreciate the fact that it "Detects" such programs as either "Potentially unwanted Programs", or even malicious.


                               For the simple fact, as it in itself is considered to be a "Root-Kit" irregardless of it,s purpose.


                             As for your comments in regards to all other Anti-Virus programs neglect to detect it as such, is in itself..speaks volumes. As the Old Adage goes..."It is better to be safe, than sorry" If you were to read the article I reccomended, it in itself clearly states that "nProtect-GameGuard" can indeed cause adverse effects

              upon your OS.


                               As for your statement,(in any program, there will be risks)...I tend to trust the Security Vendor more so, than my intent to continue to avoid the warnings. Getting back to the fact that McAfee detects this as "Artemis" evidently there is some behaviour resulting from the use of it, that could possibly cause harm to your computer.


                                 Again, I relate back to the article that Wikipedia proclaimed. It clearly states that it can cause irrational restarts, and pratically takes over your OS, when it deems necessary. It is your perogative, to change Anti-Virus Programs....However, as I mentioned earlier...there is a reason McAfee has determined this to be as described...After all...It is a "Rootkit"


                                 Of course you can run the latest "Getsusp" tool, and add your email address should it be determined a "Suspicious" program. To go one step further, can submit to " McAfee Labs" for further confirmation, analysis.


                                  Having said all this, I have tried them all...Norton,Kasperky,Webroot, AVG, Avast, Trend Micro, BitDefender,PcTools (Recently acquired by Symantec-Norton), Eset, in other words..all of the highly acclaimed Security Vendors...and none can compare in my personal opinion to McAfee Total Protection.


                                   I am  in no way affiliated with McAfee, only a consumer just like you.


                                I sincerely suggest that you " Measure Twice" before changing Security Vendors, especially when it relates to a program that in itself, is a "Root-Kit" For I would regret having to later say..."I told you so".


                                  I have been a subscriber of McAfee for over (8) years...other than the "Debacled" update (5958) have experienced no issues (What-so-ever). With all due respect...this is my "Personal Opinion"


                                   I must add, even then McAfee installed a fix for that update, meaning I experienced no issues.




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                The fact that it was detected as Artemis means it's under investigation and of course it could eventually be cleared.


                However there are things you can do to expedite matters until someone from the labs posts in this thread...hopefully.