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    Can't see web console in my account to unlock my laptop.Help or link, please.


      Please help me to unlock my laptop

      I installed anti theft trial, then uninstalled it, but every month it locks my computer.

      As ussualy i was going to my account - web console - help, and unlocked my computer with long security number

      But today, when my laptop locked again, I can't find web console in my account

      what can i do? Please help!

      Platform ID: 00005BF7


      account mail:  sosilana AT gmail DOT com



      Here https://community.mcafee.com/thread/60116?start=10&tstart=0  were people who responded to the maturity and helped.

      For several months I suffered mistake I made when I installed a trial version of anti theft. I'm willing to pay for the full version, or for removing the software program or for anything else that will help me work on my computer normally.

      Seeking help IT specialists or public Forum or any one who can help me solve the problem




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