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    Cannot install MVTInstaller

      Even though I am connected to the internet, Mcafee server thinks I am not connected through an internet? My firewall keeps getting turned off by itself?



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          2 things to check.  Are there any updates waiting for other software such as Adobe-anything?  The reason I ask is that we think thoae setup their own proxy server to install and thereby confuse other software such as McAfee. If so install those first and then try.

          Secondly check for malware using links in the last link in my signature below...Stinger, Malwarebytes Free should be good to start with.

          Note that the latter can be installed, updated and run all in "Safe Mode with Networking" if necessary should malware prevent normal Internet connections.

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            Thanks for your reply. I have already checked for malware using Malwarebytes. There are no updates to be installed to my knowledge. I cannot install MicrosoftFixIt either as it thinks I am not connected to the internet. When I run the Microsoft Network Troubleshooter I get the message--Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (www.microsoft.com) is not responding.

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              Check in Device Manager for extra network connections that you don't need.  Often these get set up unkn own to you.   Disable all but your main ethernet connection.   You may need to reboot to have it take effect.

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                Thanks for your suggestion but I didn't find any extra connections in Device Manager. Should I be looking at the router settings?

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                  You could but I'm trying to figure out what would cause this - check if the router can see the internet.  In the computer's network center does it see the router?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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                    Open McAfee SecurityCenter and click 'About' and tell me what it says for SecurityCenter - just the version is fine.


                    Also what operating system, service pack and what version of Internet Explorer are installed (even if you don't use it)?

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                      McAfee Security Center Version 12.8


                      I am using  Windows 7, Service Pack 1, Internet Explorer 11

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                        Under My Network Command it hangs up with the message Please Wait While We Check Your Network

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                          Can you install MVT from the direct installer?  http://mvt.mcafee.com/ 


                          If necessary try saving it to your desktop first or even try in Safe Mode with Networking.


                          It sounds to me like something has corrupted your network which puts me at a loss as just about everyhting to fix McAfee comes down the internet pipe....so it means we're stuck.


                          Last resort would be to try System Restore to go back to before all this started...hopefully.


                          If that works then make sure you update everything.