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    What is McAfee OC Rollback


      Having no issues, but I noticed shortly after todays Engine Version update to 1727. In my "Traffic Monitor" under "Active Programs" it was listed @ 6%?

      I do recall seeing some threads some time back in regards to this. I realise that "OOBE" simply means (Out of Box Experience).


      Did this service kick in due to a update that possibly did not take? And was "Rolled back".....It may be nothing to fret about at all, just curious as to what this service actually does?




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          Well good luck reading this thread https://community.mcafee.com/thread/38439?start=0&tstart=0 as we never really found oput what it was.


          I think it's probably something to do with rollback to a previous version after an upgrade and/or something to do with OEM installations, i.e. those from ISP's or PC makers.

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            In the latest versions of Mcafee this is a new service that has been added to help rollback if an update/upgrade fails. No need to worry about it. If anything the service has not beeen fully activated as yet.


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              Thanks Tony ;-)

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                Thanks Guys...I marked both replies as "Helpful answers". I am still puzzled as to why it ran during todays update? For in my "About" section it clearly shows that my current Engine Version is still 1727. I,m glad to hear this process is in the latest versions, for I purchased and renew directly from McAfee, have done so for the last 8 years or more.


                I do have Security Offered through Time Warner ( McAfee Anti-Virus)  yet have not bothered to install since I have Total Protection. I did seem to see the "Migration Tool' yesterday, as I did shortly before my Personal Firewall updated to 13.8.712, on 10/24/2013.  Maybe I had a feature that was trying to update?


                Oh well, all is functioning fine and that is what matters. I got a "Chuckle" out of Peter,s remark, in "Good Luck"

                reading the threads.  As a matter of fact, they were the ones I recalled seeing in the past. BTW...if it is any consolation, Service # 1372230006-Mcocrollback.exe...the Tech with whom I spoke to had no idea himself what the process is.


                I simply kept it short, and told him I am certain others were standing in line with much more issues than I.


                Again, Thanks....




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                  I think the idea is it's created occasionally when the software may need to roll back in the event of a failed update...probably when more than just the daily A/V update occurs...only a theory though.

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                    I just noticed your reply. I like you tend to think it has something to do with an Update, opposed to an Upgrade attempt. Especially with the "additional" update number 1728.3 installed yesterday. This also may explain why I noticed the "Migration Tool" in my Traffic Monitor shortly before the way McAfee displays the Engine Versions now.


                    Once again you were correct in your stating that the "Migration Tool" may have something to do when applying an update/upgrade. Because  the process ran directly before changing my build in my " Personal Firewall" on 10/16/2013.


                    Thanks Again, Ex_Brit. As for my initial accolades for yourself and all the other Moderators, when I first joined the McAfee Communities. You all are perfectly welcome, and in my personal opinion think that more appreciation should be shown to each of you,and the McAfee staff that patrols the Forum.


                    Especially with the recent (Nonsense) you were subjected to....As I have said on many occasions, you all have much more "Patience" than I do.


                    I definitely appreciate your patience with me,as I sometimes can post inappropiately in the wrong section,etc.


                    Having said this...I do have a "Computer Printed" certificate authenticating I can be a "PITA", and I am not referring to a type of "Bread" or " Animal Group"


                    Have a Good one....


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                      LOL. Thanks for the kind words.  ;-)