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    Borderlands 2


      Hello all,


      I recently purchased and activated a steam key for borderlands 2. However McAfee's realtime scanning seems to prevent me from launching the game. Now I have to turn off realtime scanning anytime I wan't to play.

      I've had bad experiences in the past in which files would be deleted by mcafee in hte background without notifying me, or allowing me to tell it that that file isn't a bad one and I would like to keep it.

      I'm using it on a windows 8.1 laptop and using the Securit Centre that came with it.


      In short: I'm looking for a fix to be able to launch borderlands 2 (and any other steam game as of yet not purchased that might suffer this bug) without having to turn of real time scanning. Is there any way to add it to some sort of ignore list? Putting the power in the hands of the consumer?



      Thank you for your attention,