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    Why the complete scan doesn't stop - but the fast scan?

      When the scan of the McAfee-SecurityCenter for the complete system (= McAfee-complete scan) starts, at first it starts smoothly and one can see the scanning progress: the scan-percentage is running from 0 to 99% and the number of the already scanned elements is running. But if the complete scan reaches 99%, there is no further scan-progress. It is endless scanning and scanning and scanning without any progress. I tried to scan over night, but even after more than 24 hours continuously scanning no result: Percentage remains at 99%, no information about any viruses/malware which were perhaps found and no progress by the scanned elements (it was the same scanned element as 24 hours before). I even can't cancel/stop the running scan by the cancel-button. The cancel-button is blocked. I tried several times the complete scan again and find, that the last element, where the scan stops, is never the same, but every time different files or different drives. Obviously the scan hangs-up. It remains only the radical method to stop the scan: Reboot the laptop. On the other hand the resources of my laptop are nearly blocked by the running scan.


      After contacting McAfee-support I should reinstall McAfee SecurityCenter according instruction, but without any result.


      To compare this phenomenon and to check whether there are, perhaps, viruses/malware on my laptop, I tried a complete scan with several other scan systems (e. g. Panda, Kaspersky, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, TrendMicro ....). First result: No problems with any other system, even if two systems were scanning simultaneously, and none infection on my laptop was find. Second result: All other systems were partially significant faster and don't require so much processor capacity.


      On the other hand, interestingly, that problem doesn't occur by the McAfee-fast scan. The fast scan runs to 100% without any problem and if I tick the box "shut down pc, if no infection was find", my laptop shuts down. Result: I can't use the complete scan, but only the fast scan.


      Obviously the cause is not my laptop or installed software, but the McAfee-complete scan only (because the fast scan runs properly).


      System data: Windows 7 64 bit, SecurityCenter 12.8, Anti-Virus 16.8


      Solution is highly appreciated!

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          When you reinstalled did you completely remove everything then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot before reinstalling?

          I'm afraid I can't provide a solution, only suggestions as to why it's happening. The quick or fast scans only look at certain key elements of your system whereas the full scan covers everything.   It may be tripping up on a heavily compressed or corrupted file or the hard drive itself may have some disk-read errors.  In the case of the latter do a chkdsk using the /r parameter, an excellent tutorial is here:  http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html

          For the former I can only suggest re-contacting Technical Support and asking for an escalation of the issue to a higher level.

          One other suggestion is to unplug anything like USB drives etc. that may be attached as they may be tripping it up.  Scan those separately using a custom scan.

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            To answer your questions:

            Yes, I used that cleanup tool. The support sent me that file and advised me to clean all McAfee residues with that tool.


            With regard to your suggestion of corrupted files or hard drives, I want to point out again:

            1. none of all other scan systems (also Windows Essentials) as mentioned in my first posting has any problem (the other scans were also complete scans of course)

            2. the scan never hang-up at the same element (file or hard drive), but every time on another element (file or drive)

            3. I never start a complete scan with any plugged devices (USB or others). If I want to scan an external device, I do it separately. If I plug a device (USB or camera) the "device-scan" (for USB or camera) starts automatically at that moment, when the device is plugged to the laptop - also with no problem


            The other question of course is: Because I know that one component of the SecurityCenter at least doesn't work properly, how can I trust that the other components (firewall e. g.) are working properly, even though I don't notice anything?

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              Of course you can trust it.  But there has to be a reason for this.  I haven't seen a full scan hang up like that and just because other scanners don't hang up it doesn't mean those checks I mentioned aren't valid ones.  Otherwise all I can suggest is to contact Technical Support once more and ask for escalation.