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    Scan In Safe Mode?

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      Hello McAffee team,

      at the moment I don't have issues with my computer but one question I have is whether a scan in safe mode is more thorough than a normal scan? Is it worthwhile to occasionally scan using the safe mode or isn't it necessary? I've read that certain trojans and viruses are not active as long as the computer is running in safe mode, making the easily detected. Any tips you can give would be appreciated.


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          In Safe Mode it will be easier for it to remove certain types of infections.  Note that scanning in that mode doesn't bring up SecurityCenter it simply animates the taskbar icon and to get a progress report simply hover over that.

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            Hello Peter,

            working even on a Sunday! Thanks for your quick response. So what you're saying is the safe mode scan is not for a higher detection rate but more for the removal purposes. I'll just stick with the normal scans and hope I'll never need to use safe mode.



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              Yes, Safe Mode is really for when all else fails.


              I'm here 7 days a week....unfortunately....!


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