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    McAfee Application Control Problems Under Windows 7 64bit Ultimate ( 0x0000005 Errors )


      Dear Community,


      I'm having problems running Application Control.


      Tried 2 versions....






      Both exhibit the same problems when solidification is complete and "enabled" which are....


      1. Control Panel items not visible on Start Menu ( although when you click on the desktop shortcut for Control Panel, you can see the icons, it's just that nothing happens when you click them ).
      2. All 32-bit applications ( i.e. those in the Program Files (x86) directory )  fail with error message  = "The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000005). Click OK to close the application"
      3. Most native Windows components run OK ( Windows Media player does not ).
      4. Any attempt to run program installation in "Update" mode, result in the same 0x0000005 error being logged in the Event Viewer Systemlog ( no popup window though, as in #2 above ).


      "sadmin diag"  or Event Viewer gives no clues either. Solidcore does not log anything.


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\Solidcore\Logs\ also does not suggest anything to me ( see attached ).


      Any ideas folks ?


      ps. when you un-install 6.00.9703, the v6.0 swin.sys driver appears to be left behind. Then, when you subsequently install v5.0, Solidcore fails to go into enable mode because the driver is incorrect ( v6 rather than v5 ). A manual removal of the v6 driver before installing v5 appears to fix this.