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    EEPC and ExpressCache


      Hi all,


      Our newest notebooks have an mSATA SSD onboard that can be used as a caching drive by using the Condusiv ExpressCache software.


      Windows sees this mSATA disk as an unpartitioned disk,  before and after installing ExpressCache, so I would assume that EEPC doesn't do anything with this disk.


      Whenever we have a notebook with EEPC installed, all works fine. As soon as the ExpressCache software is installed, EEPC gives an error:


      [0xEE000005] Failed to deserialize type


      After an emergency boot, the systems boots up fine again. But after a reboot, the error is shown again.


      What can we do to fix this issue?

      Will this work at all? The disk is unpartitioned, so EEPC would have to do anything with the disk.