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    can web gateway do link aggregate?


      can webgateway do link aggregate. If it can, how can i do it.if it cannot, Is there any solution to solve the button neck problem?

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          You cannot configure network bonding from User Interface, but it is possible to configure bonding manually via command line. MLOS 2 is compatible to CentOS 6, so any guide for enabling link aggregation on CentOS 6 should apply to MLOS 2 as well (make sure to add your additions to ifcfg-eth* below ### END AUTOGENERATED).


          That said, link aggregation is not supported and might break some features of MWG 7. I think transparent proxy mode will not work, for example.


          Cya, Ed

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            If web gateway do not support link aggregrate, it mean that if the proxy link is down we need to manually chage the port. Am i right ?

                 Would it has any solution to redundance the link when it fail

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              For redundancy we recommend to deploy several MWG in a high availability cluster (Proxy HA mode). If one of the MWG fails for whatever reason (software/hardware/network failure) then the traffic is redirected to the other instances transparently.


              If you want link redundancy on a single machine then configuring bonding manually is the only option I'm aware of. We don't support it because it breaks Transparent Bridge, Transparent Router and Proxy HA modi. Explicit proxy mode should work fine, though.


              Cya, Ed

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                Right now i am trying to set Proxy HA . I have a question that If I have 2 director [one active one redundant] .Do I need to config both appliance for the same policy or I can only deploy from the one that is active

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                  Jon Scholten

                  Hi Everyone,


                  To anyone is using an unsupported Bonding configuration, before you upgrade to 7.5.2 (ETA end of May), read the information below!

                  The upcoming Web Gateway 7.5.2 software release will introduce Network Interface Bonding as a supported feature.  Prior to this release, network interface bonding was not an officially supported configuration.  Upon upgrading to this and subsequent Web Gateway software versions, any prior network interface bonding configurations will cease functioning.  To avoid any negative impact to your Web Gateway environment, it is recommended that any prior network interface bonding configurations are removed prior to an upgrade to Web Gateway v7.5.2 or later.  After the upgrade is completed, please see the Network Interface Bonding section of the Web Gateway 7.5.2 product guide for configuration instructions.


                  Best Regards,