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    LDAP authentication and Authentication.UserGroups


      I tried some of the things mentioned in

           LDAP Authentication on the McAfee Web Gateway


      and stumbled upon the behavior of Authentication.UserGroups when using LDAP authentication.


      The product guide says: "List of user groups that the authentication process is applied to".


      Is my observation correct that for LDAP authentication the value of Authentication.UserGroups depends on the table "User attributes to retrieve"? So it is not exactly "list of groups the authenticated user is member of" but more like "list of values configured in 'User attributes to retrieve'"?


      My second observation is that requesting more than one attribute interferes with Authentication.UserGroups in combination with the operator "contains".


      Example 1:

              User attributes to retrieve:


          -> Authentication.UserGroups contains "test123": matches


      Example 2:

              User attributes to retrieve:



              Attributes concatenation string: ","

          -> Authentication.UserGroups contains "test123": does NOT match


      Is this the reason for the complicated proceedings with ACME_LDAP_GROUP_LOOKUP and ACME_LDAP_EMAIL_LOOKUP in the above mentioned document?


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