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    The date format in OnDemandScan logs


      Hi all!


      I have a very troublesome issue, there are a large group of machines whom seem to vary widely in what date format is used. The following is the ones I've confirmed, though I've heard there are _a lot_ more.



      1/11/2013    4:01:47 AM

      20-05-2012    10:03:47

      2013-01-12    03:01:20

      16.05.2013 02:03:36



      They are running the same version of windows, at the same physical location (well, many of them at least) and they should all have the same locales and region-settings (in windows).


      What exactly in a mcafee-environment is it that decides what format is going into the logs, this is causing some issue for me and I need to know whom I need to contact in a very large fragmented organisation to make the logs consistent, is it a setting in some policy server, is windows to blame, what service/software tells McAfee what format to use for it's logs?


      Would appreciate any pointers on this, thank you kindly!

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          I would imagine they follow the system locale settings, but this really a question for VirusScan rather than ePO.

          Moving the post accordingly.

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            I am also facing same issue.

            I think it could be because of "system local settings" but not sure.

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              It is bewildering isn't it, well in our specific case it is not the "local settings", and we're also seeing machines within individual countries who use 5 different formats.


              What we discovered more recently is also that the same log, on one machine can have a mixture of all these date formats; in the _same_ file (that's insane).


              We have moved to mostly disable mcafee on a few thousand machines that were giving us issues, so it's no longer a active problem but it would still be interesting to know the root cause.


              Good luck and do tell if you figure it out on your own!

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                This is a very complicated area of code, so I'm not surprised if you're seeing oddities.

                Please, if you want to see the behavior improve for your specific use case - since the complexities of the code try to cater for "everybody" which is probably doomed to fail but still, to have it behave the way You want, provide the relevant details to our Support folk and we'll see what we can do. And if we can't achieve what you're looking for, we can give you better insight into why you're getting the results you're seeing.