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    How to I unblock a blocked webpage


      I am using McAfee Total Protection 2013, windows 7, internet explorer 11, connecting through verizon fios wireless router, don't use parental controls


      I recently lost the ability to log in to my Town Library login page.  When I click to go to the page that lets me log in to my account I get that little swirl that shows the page is loading, then after about half a second, I just get a blank screen.

      My wife has a similar setup on her laptop, and she has no problem getting in.


      I'm trying to figure out is this is a McAffee issue or something else, and can't find where or why this website would be blocked.

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          my troubleshooting attempts

          • My last click on the link gave me a full 2 second swirl before bringing the blank page
          • If I click on the windows page icon, it shows me two cookies loaded with the comment "based on your privacy settings, no cookies were restricted or blocked" No change if I lower privacy settings.
          • I've cleared all my cookies, password saves, browsing history using the windows icons numerous times
          • I've turned off both the McAfee Real Time Scanning, Firewall, and (at the suggestion of the member below, just the Net Gard); even rebooted with the saved changes to double check; no sucess.


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            No luck (I've updated my comments above to reflect this). 


            My scan through the various responses on the web tell me that I may have to reinstall McAfee. 

            • I tried to run a QuickClean to see if that may solve it; but it hung up at 2% progress for half an hour, so I gave up on that.  I'll try again later.  Don't think this is the problem, but figure if QuickClean isn't running properly, it may be an indication the McAfee has some issues.
            • Follow-up: I just tried to rerun QuickClean.  It hung up at 1% progress for 15 minutes, I hit cancel, waited 5 minutes.  No change.  Rebooted.
            • Follow-up: Ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  It found one registry error and fixed it.  Reran QuickClean.  It hung up at 5% progress for 15 minutes, I hit cancel, no effect.  Rebooted.  Back to square 1.  Still can't get into webpage.


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              I say abandon QuickClean for the moment. Try running a different cleaner - and avoid anything that "cleans" the registry, that's not a good idea. The one I use is CCleaner from Piriform, which allows you to choose which areas to clean up. Download the free version from https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner


              If you only have a problem with one website maybe the URL has changed or the shortcut link has been corrupted (you say you "click to go to the page"). Try entering the URL directly into the browser's address bar and see if the same thing happens. If it does, try it with another browser - Chrome, Firefox, whatever - and see if it's one of those miscellaneous IE11 problems.


              If you still can't connect check that there isn't a problem with the site itself (unlikely, but a useful double-check). There are plenty of sites that do this, I picked one I've used before - http://isitdown.us/ - just enter the sitename and click. If their server can't connect, it's a site problem.


              If no success, we can try some troubleshooting - but before that stage, you should run a Quick Scan, just in case.

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                Just in case  : Basic Troubleshooting 101 on a Windows 7 machine  - go to Control Panel --> Troubleshooting --> Network and Internet.


                Select 'Internet Connections"  and let Windows do some basic tests.

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                  I use Ccleaner, including the registry cleaner, and thought that may have been the problem, but no.  I was in the library today and asked, and the techie there suggested trying a different browser; there were others having problems with Explorer 11.


                  I ended up clicking on the "page" icon when the blocked/blank page came up, and set the website root for a compatibility view.  Problem solved.  You'd think Microsoft would have given an error message, either on the webpage or in one of my forays into their diagnostics, but that's the wonder that is Microsoft.


                  McAfee cleaner still doesn't run, but since I don't use it, I don't care.  When I renew for 2014, I'll have them reinstall.


                  Thanks everyone.


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