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    Install problem with ePO 5.1 and SQL Server connection


      Good Afternoon


      I`ve tried to install ePO server 5.1 on a new server and the SQL Db is on a second SQL-Server.

      As long as I am using a cName for adressing the SQL database, the ePO is not able to connect to this database. Always the error message occurs "Wrong sql port for accessing the database". I am using port 1433 which is default sql port and open on the server. With my SQL Management Studio, I`ve no problem to access the database. SQL settings are set to db owner and db creator.


      I´ve changed from using the cName to real sql-server name and the installation has no problem. When the installation has finished, I am able to change the ePO db-settings from real servername to cName and it works.


      Has someone an idea for this strange behavior?