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    DLP 9.3 Installation Causes Delay / Slow


      We are currently deploying DLP 9.3 for a Customer

      After implementing DLP 9.3 agent, all users experience obvious delay intheir workstation. Symptoms as below

      1.        Receiving Emails in Outlook takes about 20 - 30 minutes
      2.        Opening Attachments in Outlook takes a long time
      3.        Opening documents and application, .word, .excel and .pdf have delay
      4.        Opening Files on Network Share have long delays


      Customer is currently using Symantec Endpoint ProtectionVersion 12.1.4013.4013 in their environment for Anti-Virus, Device Control and Firewall.


      We have tried numerous troubleshooting, below scenario seems to show most improvement

      1. Scenario 1

      Uninstall DLPEndpoint from system, only running McAfee Agent.

      Results: Emailretrieves fast and open files /application within 5 seconds.


      2. Scenario 2

      Uninstall SymantecEndpoint from system

      Results: Emailretrieves within 30 seconds (download 10 emails) and open files / applicationwithin 20 seconds.


      3. Scenario 3

      Running SymantecEndpoint & DLP Endpoint together, disable Symantec Outlook Plugin.

      Results: Downloademail and open attachment files from email within 10 seconds, but open files /applications still take 1 -2 minutes.



      We have tried installing DLP 9.2.2, issue still persists.

      We have engaged McAfee Support, not much findings on MERlogs.


      Do you have any suggestions on this?

      Have any similar experiences? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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