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    The SONY VAIO SVT131A11W, Disable Timer Expired then now go to Platform attack Detected


      Dear support team,

      My company buy a new laptop for the staff: Sony Vaio SVT131A11W.

      He used for a round 1 year, After that he left the company and return the laptop for the company.

      Unfortunately, He registered the AT account to lock the laptop if it was stolen.

      During the time to complete the procedure to leave the company, he didn't open the laptop for around 1 month,

      When I got the laptop from him. and open it, it see: Disable Timer Expired, then the laptop lockdown

      I tried to contact him to get the unlock code but he can't remember the password he set before.

      He just gave me the username and password of the McAfee Account at atservice.intel.com

      However we can not do anything because he can't remember the answer for secret questions.

      Now i try to contact to Sony local. Intel local but they said just only one person who set the passwor for lockdown can unlock the system.

      But he can not remember too much thing because he didn't note for a long time.

      In my situation, pls help to check and give me some advices to unlock the system and how can i do now to unlock it.


      Thank you so much