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    Has anyone experienced issues with IE 11 for Windows 7 ?


      I always keep my system "Fully" updated for Windows, to include my add-ons. However, due to the articles on Computerworld,and just today another issue reported on Infoworld, in regards to page rendering especially related to Adobe Flash Player. I elected to  Postphone/Hide my Internet Explorer 11 Download, and installed the latest Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 "Updated Version-10.0.11"-KB2888505


      It seems like Microsoft is having a problem with implementing IE 11 for Windows 7 Service pack 1. Hence is the very reason I am hesitant to install. I utilized Firefox up until IE10 was introduced, and it has been Flawless in my opinion. I especially chose to use it since McAfee primarily uses it for functional purposes. Before I go through the Clean Uninstall of my Total Protection, in order to install IE11...I was wondering if anyone was having issues with it on Windows 7?


      Another question, if I may ask. When I do upgrade to IE11,and go to " My Account" to download and re-install my Total Protection. Should I expect it to be the 12.8.856 Version still ? Is the 13.0-13.1 still in beta?  I know everyone is busy, any answers would sincerely be appreciated.I realise that I have the choice to go back to Firefox,or Chrome. However, I have had no issues what-so-ever with IE10,and would like to remain using Internet Explorer.Of course I also know, irregardless I eventually have to install it, for McAfee to function properly.


      As always, Thank you in advance





      I hope this link to the article is inserted properly....


      http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/ie11-leaves-flash-media-hanging-you tube-more-major-sites-231544