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    Urgent Help with Access Protection Policy exclusions


      We have recently had two machines caught with the cryptolocker bug

      I have followed a number of examples on how to try and block this  (Orc 4.5 and AV 8.8 )


      The only method I have found that works is to use on the access protection  > user defind rule of  **\*AppData*\**\*.exe

      Which works and on Win 7 covers all areas under AppData


      But trying to get some exclusions to known exe's I cant get anything to work

      ie Dropbox



      I have tried


      Tried **\*AppData*\**\Dropbox.exe  


      I cant seem to find any why of exclusing some exe


      Does anyone know what I have done wrong


      There was another example from a mcafee document but I couldnt get this to work when tested ?


      I would like to cover more then just roaming area but I couldnt get mcafee to accept the %userprofile% Variable