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    ePO 4.6 patch 7?




      Has anyone seen the mythical patch 7 for ePO 4.6 as advertised in this advisory - https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=SB10058


      I have gone to the download centre (as advised) but I can only see ePO 4.6.6.


      I am currently running build 176 which according to the download centre is the latest release. This build is for patch 6.



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          Hi Imac,


          As per KB you have given ePO 4.6.7 is yet to release; expected to release in middle of  Dec 2013. Please see the following information for your reference.

          ProductTypeFile NameRelease Date
          ePO 4.6.7PatchePO467L.zipDecember 2013
          ePO 5.1.0Patch/ReleaseePO510L2.zipNovember 7, 2013

          For now you can use ePO 5.1 if you want to upgrade.