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    Package update failed




      I have a problem updating a package in ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5. I am trying to manually update the package but the system keeps on returning with an error.-2147467259.


      Can anyone help?

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          I'm afraid the group would need a lot more information to be able to respond to that question, please share as much as you feel you can.

          Otherwise please open a McAfee support call for analysis and they will walk you through troubleshooting.


          One thing you should note however - ePO 4.5 is EOL as of Dec 31st 2013.

          At this point you also really need to be planning an upgrade of your ePO server to a version supported beyond that date.

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            Thanks for the info on the EOL as of Dec 13.


            As for the the problem i am having there is unfortunately not a lot more info i can give due to only that what is happening. I might have to go for the support call.