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    FBI moneypak virus vs Laptop with mcafee encryption

      Hi everybody,

      i wrote about this problem several weeks ago and got the tip with hitmanPro. No success so far. You get three options with option nr 1 and 3 it says ,

      HitmannPro.Kickstart booting

      MBR Read

      Non-NTFS partition or encrypted disk detected.

      Failed to boot!

      with the second option i come  to the point  where it says

      Resetting hardware...

      Restarting interrupts...

      Disabling mouse...

      Disabling mouse...

      Starting operating system..

      Error loading operating system_


      Again this is my business laptop with McAfee endpoint encryption and i do not have admin rights nor can i change the user. But my company knows only one solution.start from the beginning and delet all. No option for me.

      Thanks in advance