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    [Web API] Check for existing Agent Deployment URLs


      Hello there,


      I've been working recently on a python script that uses your Web API client to create agent deployment packages for our customers.
      I've got it as far as making a new deployment url and downloading the installer package, but unfortunatly this is not what i'm looking for in all cases.


      As you guys know there can be existing deployment URLs found in the system tree, and now when i run my script it constantly creates a new URL spamming my ePO with deployment URLs.


      Is there a way to use the ComputerMgmt component to check for existing urls? I'd like to use existing URLs for this so we dont end up with loads of duplicate entries


      Now i'm using the ComputerMgmt.createDefaultAgentDeploymentUrlCmd() to create a new URL. I noticed there's 2 more ways of creating a URL but i think they both take arguments and I can't find anywhere in the documentation what arguments i should supply in what order.


      If what i'd like to do is atall possible, could any of you perhaps shed some light on these commands? It's the following commands i think i need more information on.





      If you think i need completely different commands to do this or it's not possible, please let me know.


      Thanks in advance for your replies!