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    Bluecoat proxysg migration to MWG



      We are in the planning stage of migrating from the current BC ProxySG + BC AV to the MWG+ DLP Prevent solutions.


      our initial thoughts are to introduce the MWG as an upstream proxy / probe in a learning capacity to log accesses .


      ultimately we want to remove the Bluecoats but in a staged way has anybody had experience of doing this any avice would be greately appreciated.


      the list of new requirements for changing to the MWG + DLP prevent solution are:


      1. Proxy - what mode Explict or Transparent bridge we have BIG-IP (F5)  how do they work with MWG in transparent bridge mode?

      2. AV

      3. Reputation based filtering

      4. DLP - using the DLP prevent as appossed to on box DLP light


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