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    Why able to choose TLS on/off but unable to set Authentication?


      Problem configuring Inbound Mail,

      after several attempts to configure Inbound Mail, i found in the Message Audit that the emails are rejected with:

      550 relay not permitted, authentication required


      Inbound server setup was mail.mydomain.com port 587 TLS on and active selected.

      It makes perfect sence that i am getting this authentication error, because smtp port 587 TLS on requires authentication.

      But where do i set this authentication? I am unable to find the location to edit this.

      Why does McAfee give the opportunity to use TLS and not the option to fill in the required authentication?


      The solution to receive the mails is to use smtp port 25 and TLS off

      but that is not the preferred solution, port 587 and TLS on gives more security



      Finally when i check the Message Audit again,

      i am receiving following error

      Unknown Request Type {} - No Type-Specific Class Loaded or Instantiated

      when i choose a date, the screen keeps loading, and nothing is shown.

      logging out, and in again, does not solve this error.