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    MVT Access Protection rules and Behavior Blocking Anomaly


      EPO 4.66

      Agent 4.8

      VSE 8.80.1128

      OS: Win7

      MVT consistantly gives the following error on all systems;

      Top Issue: Issue caused by Access Protection rules and Behavior Blocking

      Problem is, the access protection log is blank. We don't have any issues with the AP log, as it logs other issues just fine. MVT didn't give any more information on the issue, and I am unable to find anything here or on the Internet about it, except standard troubleshooting of AP issues which I am intimately familiar with.


      Now here's the clincher, when we turn off Access protection, we still get the error message. So, it seems the issue may be with MVT.

      I'm including the MVT logs here. I'm pretty sure I can just ignore the issue since AP seems to be working fine, but it is annoying. Any thoughts?


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