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    Got a Trojan Horse that i can't remove

      My McAfee Internet Security on my windows 8 detected 4 files that are known as Troja Horses. It seems that my antivirus can't remove these, so i dont know what to do. They have been isolated (i think), but it's still troubleing me if they are harmless to my pc. These viruses are called:






      I have read a little beat about these, and from what I understood, my Antivirus will find a way to remove them after some time. Is that true?

      Do i have to worry, or maybe there is some other way to find and remove these?

      Please help!


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          Three of those detections are (relatively) harmless : PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program. Best thing to do is check your list of installed programs, and/or your browser add-ons or extensions, for toolbars and suchlike that you've acquired accidentally as part of a software download. Usually you can uninstall them but if you have difficulty doing that Malwarebytes will often delete them - McAfee flags them but lets you keep them if you want them.


          The fourth of those is an Artemis detection and the best thing to do there is create a separate post in the Artemis section HERE.  Read the what-to-do document first - see HERE. Artemis is for new detections so we don't know what this is yet.

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            Thanks! That was quick! Any idea how i can locate the PUPs, or i just have to try on my own?

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              If they're detected they've been moved into quarantine to await your decision. Open Security Center and click on Navigation - scroll down to the Quarantined and Trusted Items section. Click to open. May as well check to see what's in each of the three sections - for the Quarantined PUP's you can Restore, Delete or send to McAfee.