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    Updating VSE when Checkpoint Endpoint Security block all connections


      Hello McAfee Community,


      we have following problem here:


      We have a Windows 7 Migration Project and during this project the Endpoint Security Policys will be renewed.

      Checkpoint block all connections when the patterns of VSE are not up to date (patterns > 3 days).


      So now we have the problem that the VSE can not communicate with ePO Server or the Repository to update the patterns.


      Is there a possibility to update the VSE Patterns during the boot process without login of the user?


      At this time the policy in Win XP allows the communicates and the user have full access to the fileservers and repository / ePO.

      In Win 7 they want to block them because of security positions.


      How do other companies handle this problem?

      Do you allow access to ePO only and do a login script afterwards to map all the network drives?


      Communicate with the McAfee Webrepository is not welcome.



      Novell network with Zenworks 11

      Checkpoint Endpoint Security

      McAfee VSE 8.8 P2