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    Is it possible to restore an appliance backup config file into a VM?


      Hi Guys.


      A couple of questions,

      Related to restore a backup obtained from a physical MFEappliance. Sxxxx and forget about doing the arrangements for interfaces (cf interface modify….) to get it done.

      1. - Is it possible to restore a configuration backupinto a VM?

      If the answer is yes, what happened with licensing andthe UUID since it is restored on a different appliance and different system ID.?

      2. - Is it possible to restore a cluster configuration backup file (from the active member) on a VM?

      What I assume the answer is not. since HA is notsupported in VM

      Does anyone can be gentle and confirm?

      Customer is on the process to upgrade their HA firewalls,but they want to be sure that the process will work during the upgrade, therefore they want to test on a VM prior do a windows maintenance by restoring the cluster backup file from the active member on a VM. Is it possible?

      By the way, no spare appliance.


      Thank you!