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    EPO Compliance Dashboard for McAfee MOVE Agentless.


      I'm looking for some kind of dashboard for EPO 5.0, where i can see which of my VMware virtual servers is "Under protection" from McAfee MOVE.

      Or some other kind of view that can give me the same kind of information.


      All my virtual servers is in an "unmanaged" state in the EPO's system tree, although they are being scan by a MOVE AV Agentless (3.0.0) scanserver.


      The only two ways i found to check if a machine is "under protection" is the following.


      1. Check the threat events on a MOVE agentless scanserver (looking for event 34431 & 34432)

      2. Look at the vShield tab in the vSphere Client, to see if "thin agent" is enabled.



      All help is appreciated.




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