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    Micrososft Office365 Email accounts


      Hello everyone.


      I'm implementing EMM 11.0 and the only thing is not working is the Secure Content (testing in Android Phone).


      In my environment, we have the mailboxes at Microsoft Office365 cloud service and althought I've configure it as my active sync server at EMM, the Secure Content App reports that there is no configuration for my credentials.

      I'm login in with my AD credentials, using my email address (UPN).


      Any thoughts?


      Best regards,



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          Hi Pedro,


          When installing EMM with a cloud service (Office 365, Google, etc) you cannot configure it in Active Directory authentication mode. Unfortunately the installation has to be done in ActiveSync authentication mode. This Implies a re-installation of EMM if you've already installed it with an LDAP authentication mode. When you install EMM again, use a new database, do not re-use the old Database, and choose Activesync authentication mode and specify an admin account to validate your account against Microsoft servers.


          One other caviat about installing EMM in Activesync authentication mode is that you have to add users manually before you can provision them. You can import them from a CSV file if you can export one from your microsoft account. If you need further instructions as to how to import a CSV file to add user to EMM in activesync Authentication mode refer to the EMM 11.0 Product guide (pages 21-22).





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            Hi AJ,


            Sorry for the delay.


            I've done as you instructed but now I can't login in EMM Agent. It says to verify my account and if I retry the account will be locked.


            Here is my actual configurations (EMM Console)


            Auth Directories


            ActiveSync Authentication Address: outlook.office365.com

            Domain: 3w.com.pt

            Verification username: my user in Office365 (I have admin role)

            External proxy: fqdn.to.my.emm.server



            Authorized users


            name: plt

            domain: 3w.com.pt

            email: my.email


            Note: I've also created SRV record, just in case.


            I've also test opening my EMM portal thought my laptop browser and when I put my credentials it returns the message: "This user is invalid, please try again".


            Any ideias?


            Best regards,


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              Have you used or does the the local EMM user/admin account work?

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                It didn't worked. I've tried but the user name field expects an email format.





                I've found that after I've installed EMM with ActiveSync directory, there is no support for Android devices.



                In EMMPortal virtualdir (IIS) application settings the useragent and other settings only refer Apple/iphone/ipad.


                Also, Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual dir is empty!


                Thank you

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                  Problem Solved.


                  It seams that the field Name (Provisioning users) must be my Office365 username. I always thought that EMM use the email address field to authenticate against Office365 activesync but I was wrong. Unfortunatly, the documentation doesn't say anything about this.


                  By the way, I unistalled version 11.x and installed the latest 10.x version because of this problem and it's the same situation.


                  Note: Version 10.x is so much more complete than the 11.x. For example, in 10.x we are able to create Wlan profile with WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x) and in the latest version it only supports WPA2 Personnal (PSK). I just wonder why.


                  Thank you very much for your help.


                  Best regards,



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                    Hi All,


                    Just want to make something clear.


                    I came across this solution and found out the EMM 11.x or 12.x does not support Office 365 as per KB83049.


                    McAfee KnowledgeBase - Enterprise Mobility Management support for Microsoft Office 365


                    Have a great day!


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                      Hi Steve,


                      Thank you for the info.