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    SaaS EMEA Web proxy showing US Sites?


      I have been experimenting with Web SaaS and seem to have noticed an issue, which I wondered if anyone else could confirm?  At first I thought it was related to WDS, but have now discovered that the EMEA servers seem to show me American sites even when I proxy directly to them.  The sites that I have found that reliably show me US pages are "www.techradar.com", "www.theguardian.com", "news.bbc.co.uk", and even "www.cnn.com", all of which show, or re-direct to US specific sites.  If use the Australian, or New Zealand servers, I am directed to the Australian pages, as expected, and obviously if I use the US servers I am directed to US pages.  Interestingly Google shows the UK page, so not sure exactly what's going on, but clearly something, and wanted to confirm that it's the proxies, and not something weird in the O/S or browser settings.  Although I can't see what that would be if the APAC, and NZ servers work correctly?