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    SiteAdvisor pop up advised that a download was annoying/dangerous pressed blocked is my PC safe?


      Sorry if this is answered already elsewhere.


      Using IE9

      Site advisor version:, Last update 04/10/2013 - which is part of my McAfee suite from BT which includes: Security Center 11.6, Virus scan 15.6 (last update today) and firewall etc.


      My son 10yr was on TMNT wiki and clicked on (he said he hovered over) a image - which changed the page to a blank page with a different address (can put link if requested but it opens a dodgy page).

      There was also a pop up

      pop up.png

      Which my son pressed OK  then there was this page with the SiteAdvisor window on top (I took screen clipping after I had pressed block) - this is also where he called me over

      pop up 2.png

      The SiteAdvisor window said something like annoying (I cant remember if it said annoying or dangerous) download detected:  download anyway or block download (there ws also a few lines about what was found and the address).

      I pressed block and closed the window via task manager (there is nothing in the download folder).


      So my questions are is my PC safe? is there anything else I should do?. I have Malwarebytes and Superantispyware on my PC (both the free on demand versions) if I decide to run them could they have been courpted by this should i re install them and my Mcafee suite?.

      There is no record of this in the McAfee security centre logs is this normal?


      Many thanks

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