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    Removal of other antivirus


      Hi Everyone,

                             The common questions that most of my customers are asking for endpoint protections are below. It would help me a lot if anyone can answer it. Thanks!.


      1. Remote removal of other antivirus - In the UnInst.ini list there are some AV's that are not included. If there is a way that ePO can uninstall other AV's remotely in any way like running scripts or third party uninstaller executables that came from other AV's.


      AV's that are not included






      Eset Nod32


      2. Can ePO be used to remotely install third party applications like Microsoft patches, company developed applications etc. If ePO can do this even the application that will be installed is a wizard based(sciprts and parameters can do the configuration in silent mode) can help administrators to avoid going to computers one by one. This will also apply to the question above.