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    ePO Nested Queries


      Title basically says it all: Does anyone know if it is possible to nest queries?


      What I mean by this is, let's say I have query A which provides a compliance pie chart for VSE versions on Windows machines.  I also have query B which provies a compliance pie chart for Anti-Malware for Macintosh.  To get a high-level report to my management, I would like to combine both reports and provide an overall view of our compliance in Antivirus versions for all machines versus breaking it up between Windows and Mac.


      Before it is mentioned, I do realize that it is important to see the difference between the two for the sake of remediation, but this is simply for presenting a complete overall metrics graph to management so that they can track progress / see the state of the environment as a whole.  I would also provide a breakup of our compliance based on specific criteria, but the overall, nested, query is my goal.


      Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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          I was going to say not possible but consider this:

          -create a tag "compliant system"

          -create a managed systems query for all managed system-1

          -create a  managed systems query for windows systems that match your criteria-2

          -create a  managed systems query for mac systems that match your criteria-3

          -create a compliance query where the criteria is the tag presence-4

          -create a server task to:

               -run query 1 to clear tag off all system

               -run query 2 to tag windows compliant system 

               -run query 3 to tag mac compliant systems

               -run query 4 and mail/exports results


          Its a long detour but it would work, makes sense ?

          Basically like running two queries and doing a union, then running your query off of that...

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            Ugh! That's right... I can't believe I didn't think about using a tag as a variable / flag type thing.


            Thanks for bringing light to an obvious workaround Andre.

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              Just fyi, that may not work as you expect.

              My understanding is that task sub-actions are all evaluated at the task initialisation, sub-actions are not evaluated sequentially.


              Sounds odd I know, but you may need to run these one after the other as separate server tasks rather than one with multiple sub-actions.


              What i'm trying to say is that making sub-actions dependent on a tag cleared by another sub-action may behave oddly because all sub-actions are effectively evaluated together.


              Just a heads-up

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                didn't know that... we are far away from having proper workflows. Thanks for the heads-up

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                  You can also combine the various queries into a single report and have one document which displays all the necesary information sent to management.