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    mcshield.exe/Real-Time Scanning Starting/McAfee Updates Problems


      Hi All


      I am for one glad I am not the only one with this new problem everything was fine on Saturday then McAfee gone and updated their system for the new year and it is planely obvious that there are defiently bugs in this new system. I spent almost all day Tuesday and a little bit of Wensday on this problem. What is happenning to me is when I start the computer up within about 3 minutes I get a mcshield.exe error and McAfee wants to install an update. The problem is every time it tries to install this update it never finishes it and stop and then I will get on average about 4 mcshield.exe errors in a row and then it will ask to install what I can only asume as the same update again. I chat with and talked to 4 different Tier1 tech's on tuesday each tried something different which did not work once I restarted the computer. I also spent 3 hours with a Tier2 tech who did lots of stuff include windows updates and even had me insert the Windows XP disk to see if any original files had been changed. Finally he ran Getsup and found 7 suspeious files these files though after checking them out myself our beign and important to run programs on the computer. So far ignoring this update is the only thing that works although it does not fix this Real-Time Scanning starting problem. To answer you questions that you may have yes I have reinstalled Mcafee several times using my online account and yes I have run MVT it found 3 problems it fixed one process that was not running and could not fix the one service it also told me updates are available but as I explained earlier what ever those updates are I can't download them. Can anybody help me. Thanks