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    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise High Availability


      Hi gurus,


      I have very few knowledge of McAfee VSE, so I need your help.


      Is it possible to configure the VSE server in high availibilty? What I need is to find a way where I have two VSE servers on different datacenters in different locations and separated by a considerable distance, both actively responding to requests and monitoring the whole infrastructure. The objective is to have an active-active scenario for the virus server.


      We do not want to consider a clustered implementation (with shared resources), due to distance, and failure prevention between the two sites, but be able to manage the whole infrastructure if just one of the machines at one of the sites fails...


      Is there any sugestion you can give me?... Is there any documentation that can help me? I've tried to find documentation but was not able to get anything useful...


      Thank you very much.