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    Allow everything for executives group but protection from malicious sites & files


      Dear Experts,


      I need to have a rule for my executives that will by pass all kind of filtering for them, like blocking of social media, streaming media, any kind of messenger OR application, but with the same I need that they should be protected from any malicious sites, sites which have bad reputation, I need them to take benifit of this facility of gateway, other wise it is of no use to allow them fully from web gateway with out any kind of protection from web threats, nudity, phishing sites



      Please advise how I can I do this in gateway, I know I can create a database local to MWG and do stop rule set to get the request from executives people to jump to next rule set so in all rule sets I need to do this until I reach rule set for Dynamic content classification, Gateway Antimalware, because on the other hand if I do stop cycle as soon as I match the user name from executives group, it will skip all rule sets afterwards and hence no benifit of facilities of web gateway protection.


      Waiting for responses.