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    Web Console is stuck at "Your device will lock down soon" even after unlock & sync


      "Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope"


      While testing the Intel/McAfee Anti-Theft service before deploying to the rest of our laptop estate - I performed a remote Lock & Shutdown using the web console.


      Not the best of results it took over 2 hours for the device to shutdown even after performing many manual syncs.


      Now after the device has been unlocked using the User Password - it may stay working for 5 minutes or 3 hours (time varies considerably) and then shutdown again prompting for the unlock password advising that device is marked as stolen.


      Going to the web console I can see the device has synced in the time frame it was up and the location is correct but the console is informing me  "Your device will lock down soon" and all options apart from reveal the Password are greyed out.


      This is getting really anoying now - I have been in touch with Intel about it and it is apparently escalated to there 2nd Tier - I have been chasing them daily now for just under a week but all I get is the response there is no update yet.


      Please can anyone help me - at present this is a service I will not be recomending we use!


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