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    Agent 4.8 ( slow in rendering agent logs with IE8


      HI everyone,


      Ever since we changed from McAfee Agent to, we noticed the rendering time for the log to be much much longer. This doesn't show so much with the agent policy that sets the log length to 200 lines but shows more as you extend the log length. We have this issue with IE 8 and IE 10 (haven't tested 9) and no issues with Firefox.

      After doing a network trace, I noticed that the issue was related to the .js files that makes modifications to the rendered log. The .js file crew almost 50% from version 4.6 to 4.8.

      -Disabling script in IE resolves the issue also.

      -It doesn't seem to be related to scriptscan as I had the same results with the on access scanner disabled.

      -Trying the connection to "localhost" gives out the same results.

      -Using a local user instead of a domain user doesn't make a difference.


      Anyone have a similar issue or have any idea ? It looks like it might be related to our environment (although initially triggered by a McAfee change), so McAfee support is not too keen on keeping the work on this issue...

      I'm open to any suggestion (except changing our browser since this is out of our control)