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    Question about purchase EG-4500


      Hi there, we're looking at purchasing a EG-4500 appliance and I was told in addition to the appliance itself, I need to purchase subscription based licenses per user. Is this correct? I thought the appliance and warranty are the only things I need to buy.


      Also anyone knows if there's any support for Hyper-V for their virtual appliance?




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          As far as I know, you buy the user licenses, which gets you the software.  If you want to purchase hardware that is an additional cost.  This allows for scalability as far as you need it, an only paying for what hardware you actually need.


          I have not been working at McAfee for a year a half now, and was in support not sales when I was there, so things could be different than this, but I don't think so.


          At this time Hyper-V is not supported, only VMWare.  I have no idea when/if that will change.

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            Thanks Andy. It's too bad that they are doing it this way now. I have the old EWS appliance and all I had to pay was the appliance and maintenance. I guess they make more money this way. And it looks like it'll be too expensive to pay appliance+user licenses and I'll have to go with others.

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              As far as I know, they have been doing it this way for several years, but again, I was never involved in sales.