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    Web API  mc.system.find not working with MACAddress ?!?


      I'm trying to get system.find? to get a System based on MAC Address.  The documentation "clearly" says this SHOULD be possible, but I can't seem to get ePO to return me a system when I supply a MAC.


      I'm building a tool for exporting a EEPC MachineKey from ePO, but I want ot guarentuee that the Tech has the correct machine, by having the technician supply the MAC Address, as the systemName can easily change over time.

      But I can't seem to get the API to return me a system based on MAC




      I've even tried using the python tools but still nothing


      >>> mc.system.find('0024E8E5815D')


      >>> mc.system.find('00:24:E8:E5:81:5D')