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    Duplicate entries in Installed Products block


      Hello All,


      I'm seeing a problem that I've not seen before.  On about 460 systems (out of about 10,000) the "Installed Products" block shows duplicate entries for several products.  For example:  It lists:  "Benchmark Editor Multi-platform Scan Engine; Benchmark Editor Multi-platform Scan Engine, McAfee Agent; McAfee Agent, Host Intrusion Prevention; Host Intrusion Prevention".  On my Dashboard, one of my monitors uses the "McAfee Agent and VirusScan Enterprise Compliancy Summary" query.  It shows all of these systems, with the duplicate entries, as being Non-Compliant.  If I click the Non-Compliant portion of the monitor to get a list of systems, each system displays multiple times in the listing.


      I originally thought that something went wrong when we migrated about 1,845 from an old server (Win2K3, ePO 4.5) to our enterprise server (Win2K8 R2, ePO 4.5).  That's about the time that I noticed the problem, AND, the vast majority of the affected systems are systems that were transferred.  


      These systems are scattered across several states, so performing any checks at the workstations is out of the questions.  Also, due to security concerns, remoting to the systems is also out of the question.


      Anyone seen anything like this before?  Better yet, anyone have a proposed solution?


      Your input will be greatly appreciated.