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    McSvHost crashing with Application Error


      This has happened twice since the update from 11.6 to 12.8, and I'm wondering why the McSvHost message was preceded on both occasions by the Visual C++ message. Since I had modified the Default Action for McSvHost process (using services.msc) to restart automatically, the main annoyance was dealing with the messages. Has anyone else encountered this?


      Visual C++ runtime error.PNG


      McSvHost crash application exception.JPG

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          Peter M

          Is your Visual C+ the latest version?

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            What is the latest Visual C++? According to Add/Remove programs I have a set of VC++ programs installed running from 2005 to 2010. I'm pretty certain those two error messages are connected;  it's a pity the file pathname is truncated to fit in that small window, or I might have a better idea of what's going on.


            The Event Log data is no more informative than the error message displayed here, and the Help & Support Center information is totally misleading since it doesn't have anything on Visual C++. The explanation is given in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/125749 and it says it's a coding error that failed to be detected at compile time.


            Collapse imageSUMMARY

            This article discusses an issue that may occur when you are developing a program.


            Collapse imageSYMPTOMS

            The C++ program fails and reports the following run-time error:

            runtime error R6025
            - pure virtual function call



            Collapse imageCAUSE

            This error occurs when your application indirectly calls a pure virtual member function in a context where a call to the function is not valid. In most cases, the compiler detects this and reports the error when building the application. But depending on how your code is written, sometimes the problem is detected only at run-time.

            The error occurs when you indirectly call a pure virtual function within the context of a call to the constructor or destructor of an abstract base class. This is illustrated in the sample code below, along with some more description.

            Collapse imageRESOLUTION

            Calling a pure virtual function is a programming error, so you need to find the call to the pure virtual function and rewrite the code so it is not called.

            One way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to replace the pure virtual function with an implementation that calls the Windows API function DebugBreak. When using the debugger, DebugBreak will cause a hard-coded breakpoint. When the code stops running at this breakpoint, you can view the callstack to see where the function was called.

            Another way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to set a breakpoint on the _purecall function that is found in PureVirt.c. Breaking on this function has the advantage of keeping the stack intact so that you can trace what is occurring.



            There's a slightly more technical explanation in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa277943(v=vs.60).aspx


            C Run-Time Error R6025

            Visual Studio 6.0


            pure virtual function call

            No object has been instantiated to handle the pure virtual function call.

            This error is caused by calling a virtual function in an abstract base class through a pointer which is created by a cast to the type of the derived class, but is actually a pointer to the base class. This can occur when casting from a void*to a pointer to a class when the void* was created during the construction of the base class.



            Fair enough, but what's the connection with McSvHost, and what's the trigger for the fail?

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              Peter M

              Well as far as I'm concerned that may as well be in a foreign language as I don't understand a word of it.   TS would know best.

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                I put it all in on purpose so that when I point someone towards the problem they will at least have some idea what is or isn't happening. Like I said, we're a bit stuck until I can work out what triggers it. I have a feeling it's McAfee updates that are doing it, but I need to watch the next couple of updates closely to see when exactly it occurs.


                Edit - I will also be waiting to see if anything else crashes just after an update. I've spent about 12 hours sorting out problems with the email client, which crashed not long after those messages appeared (but not so soon that I can say there's a link).


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                  Peter M

                  Good idea.   Not seeing it here though.

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                    Narrowing this down .... McSvHost crashed again, but this time I was watching. It happens during a McAfee update, and it's the same software exception code (0x40000015) and location (0x634fff93) in the error messages.


                    Visual C++ error during McAfee update.PNG


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                      I wonder why you have not uninstalled reinstalled fully. these updates from 11.6 to 12.* can get messed up my bets 12.9 to 13.0 could not get RTS to start ever till I reinstalled.

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                        I have had the exact same experience twice now.  During a McAfee update, C++ error then the McSvcHost.exe application error.  Same software exception code (0x40000015) and location (0x634fff93) in the error messages and the R6025 Run-Time Error.  I uninstalled TP2013 on 11/08 completely and installed TP2014 on that date.  This has occurred on a Lenovo T61 running Windows XP.  I have another machine running XP that has not experienced this issue, nor have two machines running W7.  Even though these events occur during a McAfee update, after dealing with the error boxes, the update continues through successful completion and the McAfee applications appear to run fine.  I also installed and ran Virtual Technician and got "No problems found."


                        There are some error references under the Application section of Eventvwr:


                        The entry of C:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\mcafee\mcafee total protection.lnk> in the hash map cannot be updated.  Context: Application, SystemIndex Catalog.  Details:  a device attached to the system is not functioning (0x8007001f). I couldn't find such a device by looking through Device Manager.


                        There are numerous related references under the System section of Eventvwr about the failure to start of various McAfee services and timeouts.



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                          drekmonger best to initially contact support via the link in useful links tab above. A reinstall migh help as could removing any extra c++redistributables if present

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