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    after McAfee update media extender disconnects

      Hey All,


      After I rebooted my computer for a McAffee Ant-viruus suite (from Cox) software update, My Ceton Windows Media Extender will now randomly disconnects,

      After looking in the event log I have found the following (BTW i fix computers for a living at a schoold district)

      Event 109 Media Center Extender :

      An unauthorized window was detected while running Windows Media Center with file name 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\Platform\McUICnt.exe', could not retrieve the window title.

      The same event appears about a second later then a new event appears

      Event 123, Media Center Exender

      The Media Center Extender session was terminated because an unauthorized window opened in the session.


      McAfee, please re-write your code, otherwise your product will be uninstalled

      in another (independant) forum a user had the same issue uninstalled McAfee and the issues stopped and had the same error message as me



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