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    Linux Deployment


      Hi All,


      I am hitting a road block with loading McAfee HBSS products (HIPS, VSE, and MA) on a linux asset.


      Can anyone help with resources?


      We are using Red Hat Enterprise, and the latest updates on all HBSS products.





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          Ok - got the deployment and extension packages figured out. I had to go to the System Tree and create a package which I have to push to a Linux client install of downloading locally.


          So now I guess it becomes a question of Linux administration of getting the install.sh file from my windows box to the linux server and executing.

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            Moved from Home products to Business > MAC & Linux for better support.

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              You may well be abe to deploy agent from ePO - depending on linux flavour and setup - the McAfee Agent version you have added to ePO will have a product guide ...e.g.  in MA 4.8 guide it mentions


              • Enable SSH on the Linux and Macintosh client systems before installing agent from McAfee ePO.

              • Comment out the following line in the /etc/sudoers file on a Red Hat operating system.
              Default requiretty
              Remove the comment from the following line /etc/ssh/sshd_config file
              PermitRootLogin Yes


              Might be worth having a look at the gude for your version.


              But there are mutiple was to copy across mapping/mount windows drive/use a tool like winscp on the ePO server etc etc etc