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    Reinstalling after Reinstalling Issue


      First off I had to uninstall my product to fix the firewall not staying on. But after doing that and being sent the link in email for the complete unistaller and officially uninstalling correctly then installing correctly it continues to want to uninstall it after a cold boot (soft boots are performed during installation). It's now becoming annoying. Any ideas? Nothing in Start Menu to provoke this. Nothing in msconfig that would hint this needs to be done.

      Product: Total Protection (good till Dec 2014)

      Tool from email: MCPR

      OS: Win7-64bit HP


      Added Product/Tool and OS info on 11/12/13 9:57:06 AM CST
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          Peter M

          That is I hope Win 7 SP1 and IE is IE10 or 11 (available now) as McAfee utkizes IE regardless of whatever browser you actually use.


          I don't know what email you are referring to but I'll post it here.


          Uninstall everything Mcafee via Control Panel > Programs

          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot once it has completed its run

          Reinstall from your online account NOT from any CD you may have.


          The only exception would be if you have Family Protection or Anti-Theft installed, then you would have to contact Technical Support directly.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            I already did all that. That's the issue here.
            I don't want to have to uninstall using the MCPR cleanup tool (AGAIN)
            I reinstalled from the online account (twice now)


            IE is updated, the OS is fully updated.
            I don't use IE, never liked it, and only use it when absolutely have to.


            The email I'm referring to is the online chat I had with customer service, they sent me an email which downloaded the MCPR cleanup tool.

            My issue is this: After uninstalling and then reinstalling from the online account and after it's installed and does it's thing and after reboots happen then it shows that I'm secure and all things are running as should be and no more soft reboots are required and even after I soft reboot (restart) the computer all is still fine. HOWEVER, After all that when I shut down the computer for the day and turn it on the next day or later that day the McAfee uninstaller initiates and uninstalls McAfee and then Reinstalls it... EVERY TIME!

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              Peter M

              I didn't say you have to use IE, just that it should be up to date.


              Male sure your system clock is accurate as that's the only thing I can think of that would perhaps be the problem here.


              I think your are best advised to contact Technical Support directly and, if you've already tried that, ask them to escalate the case to a higher level.