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    Deploying software packages via ePO using endpoint IP address


      ePO: 4.6.5

      Agent: /


      In my environment, I am seeing some machines with stale or actually no DNS host entries (primarily Macintosh machines).  I believe, due to this, ePO is unable to find the machine in order to deploy the security suite after the agent has been installed.  Granted, this is not a problem with ePO, but the Macs for not registering with the DNS server(s) and I've considered using Casper, but I'm trying to get this doen through McAfee first before having to go outside of my general scope.


      Does anyone know of a way to force ePO into deploying software based on IP address versus DNS entry (it seems to be able to deploy the agent without it)?  Is there some kind of command line that needs to be plugged in?