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    Real Time Scanner Turns Off...AGAIN!!!


      My Real Time Scanner is turned off again.. The last thing I tried to update last night was my Java to the latest release. This morning, the message appeared that my Real TIme Scanning is off.  Everytime i "Turn On", everything would turn normal, but in about 5 seconds, the scanner turns off.  I tried to reinstall  McAfee, but keep getting message, either my internet is down, or the McAfee server is unavailable.   At that point I tried my "System Recovery" restore point.  The lastest was just before the JAVA install, (thankfully).  I restored, now my computer is fine.  I ran FULL scan with not issues.


      I had this problem back in June 2013 (around that time), and contacted McAfee Support.  They remoted into my  computer and attempted to resolve it with no luck.  They must have spent over 3 hours, (even more, but can't remember).  Finally they uninstalled my "McAfee All Access - Total Protection", started the install and said that's all they can do and ended the session / call.  After that my scanner was fine.


      What's going on???  Is it really JAVA causing this???  I can't remember the last thing i did back in June. 


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          Peter M

          I already told you HERE that Java shouldn't cause this.  In case Java became corrupted check your Control Panel > Programs and features to make sure there is only 1 version installed.


          There could be a software clash however if you have similar software installed.


          More likely that the installation became corrupted during an upgrade so the best thing to do is uninstall everything McAfee via Control Panel, then run the http://us.mcafee.com/apps/supporttools/mcpr/mcpr.asp - reboot and reinstall from the online account.







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            Thanks, I'm fine now, but let's see how it goes.  Strange that everyone else is having this same problem.  BUT... Let see if this happens again. 

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              Peter M

              Everyone else isn't having the problem.  One or two maybe.  McAfee has several hundred million customers.


              Glad you are OK for now.   Let's hope it stays that way.

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                I am having this same problem, and interestingly I had the same experience with java! How did you fix it could you explain in more detail??


                Unfortunately my system restore point is not far back enough - so that won't work.


                Tech support (tier 2) spent about 3 hours remote on my computer, but nothing has worked.


                It's worth noting that for every customer who complains about this issue, there are probably thousands who don't bother going on the forum (or even know it exists for that matter) and probably thousands more who don't even realise there is any problem with their PC

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                  I assume tech support tried these fixes in the link below they are old and really I have not seen this issue  much. By chance when you installed java did it offer an install of other software maybe norton security  scan or mcafee security scan plus both scanners that test for infections and might have clashed with your Mcafee install. Just a wild thought


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                    Ex_Brit wrote:


                    Everyone else isn't having the problem.  One or two maybe.



                    Really?  One or two?  Do a search on "Mcafee real time scanning".  There are DOZENS of threads about this problem over the last two years.  I'm sure you've been doing tech support long enough to know that IT problems are like iceburgs.  You only see a very small part on the surface.


                    I have the "real time scanning is off" problem as well.  Please try to help.



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                      Peter M

                      I'm sure there are even more if I go back longer but it still isn't "everyone"....the reasons for it change also.   I've seen it too on the odd occasion and it usually rectifies itself.   Technical Support is the best place to troubleshoot this sort of thing if it persists.  It's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                        Sorry, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "Everyone".  But from reading other forums, it seems like a lot.  I think this is serious, having no Real Time Scanning is like not having no protection at all.  Yes, I know, we should keep reporting this to mcafee,  but is anything being done, or we just wasting our time reporting it on this forums / McAfee Community site?  Sure, it's possible other applications maybe the root cause, but can't McAfee be smart enough to detect what were the latest changes?  Or even making an "update" could impact the AV, protecting itself.

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                          Peter M

                          I'm sure they are aware of it as it seems to crop up with regularity but we don't know what's being done as that information is kept 'in house'.  We are just here to relay information and steer people in whatever direction they need to go.   It certainly can't harm to contact Technical Support.

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