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    Oldest support v7 release for S4016 appliance


      I have been tasked with helping a customer migrate some old 1100 model appliances to S4016 models.


      The old appliances are running v7 (though I don't yet know which specific version) and I know they want to stick with v7 on these new appliances.


      The most logical migration I can think of is to ensure the S4016s are imaged with the same v7 release as the 1100s, perform a config backup/restore exercise, remediate any interface differences, relicense and such like and then upgrade the S4016s to


      To avoid any pitfalls, if you anyone from McAfee can confirm the earliest release the S4016 will recognise I'll know if this is going to be a relatively simple exercise or if the customer will need to factor in having to upgrade the 1100 appliances to a higher patch level to match the oldest recognised version on the S4016s.





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          Hello Phil,


          The earliest version that the S4016 will support is or


          I found this in the S model product guide:


          Firewall Enterprise S4016, S5032, S6032, and S7032 Hardware Guide PD23216


          Hope this helps.



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            Thanks Matt - that was quick.


            Knowing that config files are patch-specific, is the HW02 aspect of that release important, or will installing it on the older appliances cause an issue.


            In other words, if the 1100s are running and I take a config backup, will the S4016 (running accept this config file?



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              The HW patches are basically just drivers, so I would not worry about restoring a config backup that was taken without HW02 . Normally yes you should have the same patches though.


              I believe it is going to warn you and you can click continue, no problem.



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                PhillM, did this work for you?  We have the same situation.  But I was hoping to get to version 8.3.1.  Let me know if this was successful.



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                  Gavin - as it happens the circumstances changed after a phone call late on Friday, nullifying this question.


                  The version number I had originally been given turned out not to be the case.


                  I knew the exercise would be possible if an old-enough version of the v7 code could be installed on the S4016 in the first place. Based on Matt's response, that would have been the case, based on the original information I had been given. I would have them simply transferred the configuration from old box to new, remediated as necessary (which is largely to re-associate the interfaces on the new appliance with the interface configuration and zones and re-activating the license) and then upgrade through the various patches to 8.3.1