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    False Artemis!3F397D935D73

      I am and have been playing a mod for the game Freelancer, but I have recently run into a standstill after they updated the mod to their new version.


      Now, it is marking the file DSAce.dll as Artemis!3F397D935D73 and is quarantining it every time I try to run the game. This file is needed for the game to run properly and it will not function properly without it. Attempting to connect to online multiplayer servers results in a crash to desktop and the file reappearing in the quarantined files section.


      I have attempted to send an email to virus_research@mcafee.com to no avail as Gmail blocks the file from being sent due to a "Virus Detected". As such I have attached the .zip file below and the password is of course infected, all lowercases.


      I am fairly certain that the file is not a virus.






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